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Every family is unique, so I offer a variety of doula services personalized for each birthing experience. Regardless of what you choose, we will dive into your beliefs and expectations around labor and birth. Together, we will explore your physical and emotional strengths and limitations to ensure you’re completely prepared. Please get in touch to learn more about the various services that I offer.  You can also visit DONA's website where the benefits of a doula are discussed!

Contact me to learn more about all of the services that I offer.

Support to achieve your birth goals


Standard Package:  $1100

  • Prenatal appointments as needed, typically 2 depending on date of hire and personal needs

  • Birth Plan, Labor Comfort Measures & Postpartum Plan

  • 24/7 access to my resources and education via email/call/text starting at 38 weeks.

  • Postdates Visit if necessary.  This visit will help relax your body, heart & mind while we wait patiently for labor to begin on its own time.  

  • Continuous Labor and birth support.

  • 1-2 hours of breastfeeding and postpartum support immediately after birth.

  • Postpartum home visit.  We will recall and discuss your birth and go over your postpartum plan assessing any postpartum needs.

  • Assorted postpartum gifts.  Often included are: sitz bath soak, salves, herbal tea, etc.

  • Postpartum follow-up calls and educational support.

Deluxe Package:  1300

  • Standard Package

  • Placenta encapsulation


  • Military Discount

  • 10% if Paid in Full upon contract signing

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I will be there for you

Get extra personal postpartum support

throughout the entirety of your parenting journey. As a Doula, I promise to offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during, and after birth. I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check on how you’re doing and offer any

support needed.

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Tips on ways to work doula support into your budget:

  • Focus your baby purchase list to necessary items & use the extra money for doula support

  • Highlight the need for doula services on your baby shower invitation or baby registry

  • Limit dining out 

  • Set up a payment plan with your doula

  • Use your tax refund

  • Speak to your doula about trade work or trade goods

Laptop & Coffee

Personal One-on-One Childbirth Education

Childbirth education is so important, but not everyone has the time, childcare or ability to make a class setting.  I offer personalized childbirth education in person or online that is specifically tailored to your individual needs.  It does not matter if this is your first baby or tenth, childbirth education will provide the latest and greatest information such as specifics about your chosen birthing location, birthing techniques, optimal positioning, refreshing your current knowledge, and much more!


Postpartum healing

Placenta Encapsulation is a great way to help mothers recover from childbirth.  Many clients report many benefits from placenta encapsulation including, improved mood, quicker healing, balance, reduced anxiety, decreased bleeding, increased milk supply, and better sleep as well as other benefits.

Placenta Encapsulation:  $300 

Choose from the following methods:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine "TCM" Placenta Encapsulation 


  • Raw Foods Method Placenta Encapsulation 

I offer a Self-Delivery Discounted Placenta Encapsulation service (Inquire upon the specific details of this service)

*Each of these services includes a prenatal meet & greet if you choose, picking up your placenta at your place of birth, placenta print, umbilical cord keepsake, a postpartum follow-up visit during which your placenta package is delivered.