What my clients say about me

“My experience with Ashley at Birth Essentials San Diego, LLC was truly more than I could have ever asked for. I highly recommend her if you too are looking for a more natural birthing experience.”

Anna D., San Diego, CA

“The quality care and support I received during my labor was incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better doula to take care of me and see to it that I was calm and prepared for my delivery, during labor, and postpartum.  Ashley is fantastic.”

Jessie Rodgers, San Diego, CA

“I’m so grateful for the wonderful care, expert advice, and support I received from Ashley at Birth Essentials San Diego, LLC. Three months after the birth and I’m still using the tips she gave me.”

Emily J. , San Diego,CA

"Thanks, Ash.  I was so glad to have you there.  You swooped in at all the right times and moments with exactly what I needed even when I didn't know I needed it.  Your energy was perfect for me, positive and happy, calming and reassuring, I loved everything you did.  Thank you again.”

Christina P., Rancho San Diego

" I am forever grateful that I found you!  You are such an amazing person!  I appreciate everything you did to help my through my pregnancy and delivery.  I would have been an absolute wreck without your love, support and advice.  Thank you so much!"

Kim D., Mira Mesa, CA